We only sell safe and non-toxic products.
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis and Jim Keith, teamed up back in 1979 on a mission to help save the environment long before it became popular to “Go Green.” BioGreen Organics is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of environmentally safe soil amendments, non-plant food and plant food products. We have spent the past 35 years educating the public about what it means to “Think Green”.

BioGreen manufactures and sells a wide range of products for lawn, tree & shrub care and gardens, as well as for soil fertility. We prepare custom blended fertilizers based on soil samples provided by our customers.

Correct Planting Routine® is the most popular of our products for professionals. Designed by Ellis, it is a mycorrhizal product used by landscape contractors to create a symbiotic relationship between the plant’s root system and the mycorrhiza.

As in the early days, everything BioGreen Organics sells is made on the property and sold with a heavy dose of personal relationships and friendliness. The company started out in Keith’s garage and moved to a shop near the American Legion Hall in Wauconda ultimately expanding to its current location.

Our small BioGreen Organics family experienced a great loss when Dave Ellis passed away in 2007. These products are his legacy and we intend to make sure they are not lost to the world and future generations. We feel as though his spirit is looking down on us and guiding us through.

BioGreen Organics looks forward to supporting your landscapes and gardens with the health of your family and the environment as our top priority.

Dan Neilson, President