This Organic Fertilizer has been formulated based upon the results of hundreds of soil samples taken from the mid-west area. TurfMaster® is packed with everything needed to balance the mineral and biological profile of the plants

Our 50# bag covers about 6,500 square feet.

Nothing Beats TurfMaster®.

Grow Healthy Turf While Building The Soil SAFELY and NATURALLY

  • When it comes to organic lawn fertilization, quality ingredients are the key to growing a lawn that doesn’t die out & fade away as fast as synthetic fertilizers.
  • BioGreen’s quality lawn fertilization is the most economical way to sustain healthy lawns and the soils in which they grow for long-term results.
  • In comparison, low cost lawn fertilizers end up being more expensive because they only provide short-term fast greening results that soon fade away into many turf die-out problems and compact, lifeless soil.

Totally Complete – No Other Product Will Compare. Check out our side by side comparisons.

TurfMaster®Creates Outstanding Lawn Results Naturally!

This Nutrient-Rich Lawn & Soil Fertilizer Will Outperform Any Fertilizers on The Market Today

  • Reduces Customer Call-Backs & Increases Sales
  • A Natural Complex of Macro– and Micro-Nutrients
  • Increases Photosynthetic Capacity and Nutrient Absorption
  • Balances the Mineral and Biological Profile of the Soil
  • 6,500 square foot coverage per 50# Bag

TurfMaster 8-2-1


Apply 8 to 10 pounds per 1000 square feet every eight weeks during the growing season. Always calibrate your spreader before applying fertilizer. Suggested settings (rotary or drop): Fairway Grade 3/4 to wide open — Greens Grade 3/8 to 1/2 open.
This product is not Pelletized.