Why Use Organic Fertilizers?

What are Organic Fertilizers?

Fertilizers made of natural materials that undergo little or no processing and include plant, animal and/or mineral materials.

Positive Reasons to Use Organic Fertilizers

  • Immediate access to treated lawns.
  • Foliar applications are safe after they have dried.
  • Provides safety to people and pets. Huge benefit!
  • Promotes a healthier environment: reduces use of synthetic products.
  • Avoids nutrients being tied up in the soil.
  • Eliminates plants damaged or burned by use of chemicals.
  • Builds stronger plants over the years resulting in less pesticide use.

Organic Drawbacks

  • More organic products required than mineral products.
  • May cost more per bag.
  • May take 2 to 3 years to rebuild the soil.

Healthier plant material = less stress
Less stress = fewer pests and diseases
Fewer pests and diseases = fewer pesticides used

Additional Benefits

Composting and mulching

Decomposing naturally provides nutrients to the soil.


Microbial fungi that promotes development of feeder roots of plants.

Foliar Feeding

Replaces nutrients through surface applications. Uptake is faster than through the roots.

Soil Applications

Conditions and builds the soil.

Building Healthy Soil Organically
  • Soil tests taken and professional evaluations provided.
  • Address soil deficiencies before planting begins.
  • Micronutrients create healthy soils.
  • Healthy soils promote healthy plants.