Why Should I Use Super Sod Starter?

Q: Why Should I use “Super Sod Starter”?

A:   This will knit your sod in half the time.

BioGreen’s 100% Natural Super Sod Starter establishes soil fertility to give
sod the ability to develop extensive roots – FROM THE START.

  • Reduces Customer Call-Backs
  • Provides the necessary nutrients at installation
  • Promotes strong sod root growth
  • Heals sod seams
  • Increases bluegrass uptake of minerals, nutrients and water
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Aids in the reduction of failed sod installations


Delivers essential proteins and carbohydrates for strong-celled, green turf growth


Directions for Sod Installation:
  Evenly spread Super Sod Starter to prepared sod bed at the rate of 8# per 1,000 square feet. Lay Sod on top of Super Sod Starter.

Must be watered in.


Manufactured locally in Volo il. Look for other BioGreen products here.


Build the soil, and the plants will follow.