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The past few months have been crazy busy over at BioGreen Organics. We have been working hard to make sure we have everything you need in stock. We are excited to serve you!

Give Dan a call with any questions or to place an order.

Dan Neilson



Ready for Spring!!! We are!!

Wow, It feels good to be back. BioGreen Organics is ready for a wonderful spring season. We are keeping the prices the same as last year and all the products are the same as well. We have a new office assistant and a new buyer for 2017. Some other great news is, Isreal is with us again this year building the same high quality products you have loved since the beginning.

I wanted to keep the BioGreen recipes alive and out there for the world to use, I believe these products are the best on the market today. I’d love to show you why this is true. Let’s chat!

Call us anytime 847-740-9637

2017 New Owner – Dan Neilson

Hello, My name Is Dan Neilson, I’m the new, excited owner of BioGreen Organics.

I’m looking forward to working with you all again, there will be a few updates to the company in the next few weeks. The amazing products and service will continue as it has for the past 38 years.

FYI – Prices are staying the same as last year (A few items will be lower). I’m unfortunately not able to pelletize the turf fertilizer this year, but a new Pellet Mill is in the works.

Thank you all for your continued support. I couldn’t let these perfectly designed recipes go away. I felt it was necessary to save them for YOU and our families. The world needs Bio Green Organics.

Have a great 2017!

– Dan

Why BioGreen Organics?

  • Our entire line up is safe and non-toxic
  • All products are made in the USA ( Volo Il.)
  • We built our fertilizers “Right” the first time.
  • The highest quality of ingredients are used.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Experienced soil fertility specialists on staff.
  • Hardest working production crew working for YOU.

We are open and ready to serve you!

Happy Spring everyone!

The doors are open and we are taking orders. Most items are in stock and ready to deliver.

We have a slight change in the TurfMaster product this year and it will not be pelletized.

I’d like to welcome Angel to the BioGreen family. She will be helping out in the office. Give her a call and introduce yourself.

Have a wonderful spring!

Crabgrass article

So what’s going to happen to crabgrass this year??

We’ve had a brutal winter here in the Midwest.  The cold weather has killed off all of the crabgrass from last year.  But what about the thousands of seeds that are ready to germinate?  How do we stop them from popping up?

We all know a few things about how crabgrass grows, for instance …

  • Crabgrass is an annual plant that drops thousands of seeds for the next season
  • It favors low calcium and low organic matter
  • It thrives in low and high moisture settings
  • It loves compacted soil and clay areas
  • It tolerates salt and other toxins
  • It will germinate in low mowed grass
  • It will grow when soil temperatures are at 55 degrees or higher for 5 days straight

So if we do the opposite of what crabgrass likes, then we can eliminate it WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals. 

Starting off the spring season with a high quality organic fertilizer is going to be key.  Adding nutrients and organic matter into the soil will relieve the stresses caused by the cold season.  On the other hand, applying high salt-based synthetic fertilizers will do more damage than good coming out of this Midwest winter.

Applying a product like BioGreen’s TurfMaster in the spring will thicken up the lawn while adding plenty of organic matter and nutrients back into the soil.  It contains calcium and humates to help relieve compacted soil and remove toxins.

Then, by raising the mower height to 3 inches, the crabgrass seeds can be shaded out, preventing them from even germinating in the first place.

Keep the right amount of moisture in the ground and you have a perfect recipe for a healthy lawn.

Don’t give crabgrass and other weeds a chance to start growing in the first place. has all the information you need to have a safe and healthy lawn.


Dan Neilson

Soil Specialist